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All users (“Users”) of this Web Site agree that access to or any other use of this Web Site is subject to the following Terms of Use and all other applicable laws. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not use this Web Site.

Legal Terms:
Dunhill Homes® (as defined below) has created and maintains this web site (“Web Site”) solely for informational and communication purposes regarding the Dunhill Homes® family of homes, warranty services, and other related products and services and is not intended to constitute an offer or solicitation. While Dunhill Homes® attempts to keep the information included in the Web Site accurate and up-to-date at all times, Dunhill Homes® cannot and does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness (including, but not limited to its text, graphics, renderings, links, prices, association fees, future uses of adjacent areas and availability of homes or lots or any other items contained in this Web Site or linked sites). Reservation of Rights to Change Information; Reliance on Statements on Web Site: By using this Web Site found at DunhillHomes.com, you signify your acceptance of the legal terms contained in the Terms of Use and any legal terms found elsewhere on the Web Site. All such legal terms are subject to change without notice to you, except that such changes to the Terms of Use will be posted on this Web Site. Such changes are binding on you and are not subject to further acceptance by you. The information offered on the Web Site by Dunhill Homes® is provided with the understanding that Dunhill Homes is not engaged in rendering legal, financial or other professional services or advice. The use of the Web Site is subject to the additional disclaimers, caveats, and notices that may appear throughout the Web Site.

Limitation on Use and Liability:
Before you visit any home (“Home”), it is recommended that you contact an Dunhill Homes® representative to confirm current product availability, specific features and pricing as each Home is unique. You should also refer to the form of the sales contract and related materials, such as homeowner association documents, disclosure statements, assessment and fee obligations, surrounding land uses and zoning, proposed development plans, etc. for important information concerning the Home in which you are interested and the homes and properties offered by Dunhill Homes®, LLC. Dunhill Homes® assumes no liability for inaccuracies, errors or omissions on this Web Site or in any of the materials printed from or linked to this Web Site. THIS WEB SITE IS PROVIDED ‘AS IS’ WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. Dunhill Homes® disclaims any liability for any damage resulting from use of this Web Site. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Dunhill Homes® and its subsidiaries and affiliates, their direct and indirect owners, and their respective officers, directors, partners, employees, agents, managers, trustees, representatives or contractors of any of them, related thereto and any successors or assigns of any of the foregoing shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, actual, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits, arising from or related to the use of or reliance on this Web Site or any information contained herein even if Dunhill Homes® has been advised of the possibility of damages. All products and services referenced on this Web Site are provided subject to the applicable pricing, taxes, fees, assessments and accompanying terms and conditions that remain subject to change. The use of this Web Site is for business purposes only. You may not distribute, modify, transmit, reuse, post to, repost, or use the content of the site for public or commercial purposes, including the text and images, without written permission from Dunhill Homes.® Any downloading, printing or copying from this site must be for your personal use only. Neither Dunhill Homes®, its subsidiaries, affiliates, agencies nor any other party involved in creating, producing, or delivering this Web Site is liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages arising out of your access to or use of this Web Site. Dunhill Homes® also assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any damages to your computer that may be caused by using this Web Site or downloading any contents of this Web Site.

Reservation of Rights to Change Information:
Dunhill Homes® reserves the right, without any prior notice, to change any information contained within this Web Site, to deviate from the descriptions contained therein, and/or to change any Dunhill Homes® project at any time, and Dunhill Homes® disclaims any duty to update the information and makes no commitment as to any development plans in the future. Further, Dunhill Homes® does not warrant that its service in providing this Web Site will be uninterrupted.

Reliance on Statements on the Web Site:
Statements on this Web Site that are not historical facts are “forward-looking” statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties, that could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected in the statements, including, but not limited to: (1) economic conditions in the Home’s state and elsewhere; (2) market demands; (3) competitive factors and pricing factors in Dunhill Homes® primary markets; (4) legislative and regulatory environments at the federal and state local levels, such as government rate regulations and land-use regulations; (5) dependence on third-party suppliers; (6) fuel prices; (7) labor relations; (8) risks associated with current or future litigation; and (9) other risk factors described elsewhere in this Web Site. Despite efforts of Dunhill Homes® to provide accurate information on this Web Site at all times, it is not possible to ensure that the information on Dunhill Homes® homes and services published on this Web Site is correct or up to date and the Web Site may unintentionally include inaccuracies or typographical errors with respect to the description of a lot size, site plan, floor plan, a rendering, a photo, the elevation, prices or other important pieces of information. Square footage and room sizes are approximate and may vary in actual construction. Prices are shown, if any, do not include premiums or other optional features that are not included in the base price. No Investment Advice: No statement contained on this Web Site or on any web site featuring a particular project offered by Dunhill Homes®, its subsidiaries or affiliates should be construed as investment advice. Prospective purchasers are urged to seek expert investment, legal or other advice prior to entering into any purchase agreement.

State and Federal Regulatory Requirements and Restrictions on Solicitation:
This promotional material is not intended to constitute an offering in violation of the law of any jurisdiction. Where applicable, obtain the Property Report or its equivalent, required by Federal and State law, for any Dunhill Homes® home of interest and read it before signing anything. No Federal or State agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of any Dunhill Homes® property referenced on this Web Site. No binding offer to sell or lease may be made or accepted prior to the issuance of the final required Public Report for the property required by the respective State’s real estate registration requirements. In certain communities where applicable in accordance with specific state laws, Lot Reservations or Conditional Sales only may be currently offered in certain neighborhoods and certain neighborhoods proposed for future development and may not currently be available for sale at this time. Please consult a Sales Representative for further details. In addition, this Web Site may be accessed by users throughout the United States and internationally. It may contain references or cross-references to subdivisions or housing types within the community that are not currently approved for sale in your state. These references do not imply that Dunhill Homes® or the respective unaffiliated Master Developer or Neighborhood Builder intends to seek approval to conduct sales activities in your state. Void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. Not an offer to residents of NY, NJ, CT, as well as other jurisdictions where prior state registration requirements have not been satisfied. Please consult an Dunhill Homes Sales Representative for further details on homes offered in particular cities. Further, the information presented on this Web Site is provided for general reference only and is not a representation of the content of the sales contract or other offering documents and governing documents for any Home featured on this Web Site.

Maps and Development Plans for Dunhill Homes’® homes:
Maps and site plans on this Web Site are not to scale and represent an artist’s depiction of the existing and/or planned elements of the current proposed development concepts for Dunhill Homes’® homes. Artist’s renderings, photos, floor plans, site plans, features, prices, assessments and fees, current product availability, specifications, programs, and planned amenities continue to evolve, are provided for information purposes only and are based on current proposed Home development plans that are subject to change without notice and represent no commitment on the part of Dunhill Homes® in the future. All dimensions and specifications (including square footages and distances) are approximate. Use of certain recreational amenities or participation in certain activities may be subject to additional fees and availability. Further, no guarantee is made that the facilities and features depicted within a certain Dunhill Homes® home will be constructed, or that if constructed, the number, type, size, and location will be as depicted. Photos and renderings may show upgraded features and landscaping and may not represent the base price house for any Dunhill Homes® home. The actual position of a house on a lot will be determined by the site plan and plot plan. Dunhill Homes1® does not own or control the land outside the boundaries of any Dunhill Homes® home and does not guarantee the current or future uses thereof. School district boundaries and plans for new schools frequently change and are outside of Dunhill Homes’® control. School, utility and governmental information should be verified with the appropriate agency or utility supplier. For further details, please refer to the purchase agreement and disclosure documentation provided in connection with the offer for sale with an Dunhill representative.

The above paragraph and all applicable disclaimers herein relating to marketing materials shall apply to the entire contents of this Web Site and all other informational materials regarding Dunhill Homes®, or any other affiliate and their respective products and services, including, but not limited to any collateral materials, price lists, plotting plans, maps, specs and floor plans that are viewed, printed or sent directly or indirectly from this Web Site, all of which remain subject to change without notice. Further, these Legal Terms apply to such information regardless of whether or not such disclaimers (or any portions thereof) again appear on the individual content viewed, printed or distributed by Dunhill Homes®.

The zoning and land use designations for any Dunhill Homes® home is subject to change from time to time. Each Buyer is strongly advised to investigate and determinate for his, her or their own account if the zoning and land use designations for any Dunhill Homes® home of interest and other real properties in the vicinity of such Dunhill Homes® home are compatible with such buyer’s occupancy, use, and enjoyment of the lot and residential dwelling purchased by such buyer. Neither any unaffiliated Master Developer or Builder nor Dunhill Homes® (including any of their respective agents, employees, or affiliates), has made any representation concerning the timing, location, configuration or existence of any non-residential use on or about any Dunhill Homes® Community. The total number of residential units within the Dunhill Homes® Subdivision or within the Master Community overall may increase or decrease from the current plan, depending upon market conditions or other conditions, including acquisition of additional property. Plans for common areas surrounding residential areas may be affected by such changes. Many communities may be developed over a period of many years and include a variety of unit types, including single-family, live/work neighborhoods, condominium regimes, apartments, high-rises, commercial and, in limited instances, industrial components.

Real Estate Agency Disclosure:
The Dunhill Homes® sales representatives exclusively represent the affiliated Dunhill Homes® selling entity in connection with any new home purchase transaction and do not represent or purport to represent any prospective buyer. Views: Views vary significantly by lot location and may be affected by future development. Dunhill Homes® does not guarantee or make any representation or warranty regarding the preservation of any future view or the natural environment surrounding any home or lot within an Dunhill Homes® Community that may be a factor in your purchase decision.

Promotional Programs/Broker Fees:
Promotional programs are typically available only on select homes for a limited time period and are not available in conjunction with other offers. Please contact a Sales Associate for current programs and restrictions. Payment of any real estate broker fee will be subject to certain conditions set forth in the current Co-broke Agreement offered by the respective Seller of the home and will be paid in accordance with the applicable Home’s state, as well as federal, regulatory requirements. Equal Housing Opportunity: Dunhill Homes® and any of its affiliates, pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation. Dunhill Homes encourages and supports an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, physical disability, familial status or national origin and all homes advertised by Dunhill Homes are available on an equal opportunity basis. In addition, Dunhill Homes® is committed to its compliance with the laws and regulations of other jurisdictions that may add prohibitions against discrimination based on age, parental status, sexual orientation, political ideology, financial status, and the like.

Copyright Information:
Copyright © 2024, Dunhill Homes®, LLC. All rights reserved. Dunhill Homes® invites viewers to browse this Web Site and the linked pages for their individual entertainment and to obtain information about the Dunhill Homes® family of homes. The entire contents of this Web Site, including images and text, graphics, charts, pictures, photographs, images, icons, renditions and floor plans, as well as works that are licensed to Dunhill Homes® and found within this Web Site’s related pages are copyrighted as a collective work, protected by U.S. copyright laws and currently owned by Dunhill Homes®, LLC and/or its related entities or its partners and used with their express permission. Dunhill Homes® grants a limited license to viewers to download or print pages from the Web Site for personal informational purposes only, and not for any commercial purposes. Use of this Web Site by viewers is based upon their agreement to abide by these terms. ANY VIOLATION OF THE FOREGOING CONDITIONS OR USE WILL SUBJECT THE USER TO THE POSSIBILITY OF FULL PROSECUTION UNDER APPLICABLE LAW. If you have any questions regarding a specific mark or any other Dunhill Homes intellectual property, please contact us at info@Dunhillhomes.com, Attn: IP Administrator. Trademarks and Service Marks (collectively, the “Marks”): The Marks displayed on this site are registered and unregistered Marks of Dunhill Homes and its affiliates. Nothing contained on this Web Site should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel or otherwise any license or right to use any Mark displayed on this Web Site without the written permission of Dunhill Homes. DUNHILL HOMES®, and the logo, among others, are some of the proprietary registered and unregistered state and federal trademarks or service mark Dunhill Homes®, LLC. or one of its affiliates. Dunhill Homes® also claims trademark rights to other marks that may not be explicitly listed, registered (or pending federal registration) and unregistered, including its several logos and designs. The Web Site also contains trademarks and service marks that belong to third parties. These other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners. In the event that a third party makes a claim or initiates suit against Dunhill Homes® due to your use of these other trademarks and service marks without the permission of the proper party, you agree to indemnify and hold Dunhill Homes® harmless from such claim or suit, and to reimburse Dunhill Homes® for all losses, attorneys’ fees and costs that Dunhill Homes incurs in connection with such claim or suit. Any questions should be directed to Dunhill Homes’ IP Administrator at info@Dunhillhomes.com. Use of the Term REALTOR® on this Web Site and/or in any Dunhill Homes® Marketing Materials: REALTOR® is a federally registered collective membership mark which identifies a real estate professional who is a Member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics. Fair Housing and Fair Lending Policies.

Revised as of January 1, 2024

Dunhill Homes®, LLC and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively referred to as “Dunhill Homes®”) provide information to the homebuying public, REALTORS®, other real estate brokers, trade partners and other users of the Internet regarding Dunhill Homes’® homes, financial services and other related products and services through the Web Site at DunhillHomes.com (the “Web Site”). Your privacy is important to us, as well as to our respective subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “we,” “us” or “our”) and we are committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and potential customers. To demonstrate this commitment, Dunhill Homes® has created this Web Site privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) governing Dunhill Homes’® use of the information that is collected through the Web Site. By accessing and viewing the Web Site, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy shall apply only to individual consumers and solely to information collected by this Web Site.

Updates to this Policy:
This Policy might change over time in Dunhill Homes’® sole discretion. The most recent version of this Policy will be posted here. About this Policy: This Policy describes the privacy practices only on the websites and mobile phone applications where it appears. This policy explains the practices of all our brands, which include Dunhill Homes®, Dunhill Property Management, and others. Please note that Dunhill Homes® and/or its affiliates may have separate privacy policies concerning information obtained through means other than the Web Site.

Collection of Information:
Even if you do nothing during your visit to the Web Site other than browsing through the Web Site and read the information contained on the web pages, Dunhill Homes® will nevertheless gather certain information about your visit automatically. This information does not identify you personally, but may, for example, reflect how you found or were directed to or used the Web Site. In addition, you may at your option provide personal identification or other information through the Web Site (for example, by way of your explicit request that Dunhill Homes® send you requested information via e-mail or regular mail). It is possible, too, that your REALTOR®/Real Estate Agent may provide us with personal information concerning you or the Dunhill Homes® homes in which you are interested.
Dunhill Homes® gathers your IP address when you use any portion of the Web Site. Dunhill Homes® also collects the name and URL of the Web Site that you visited immediately preceding your visit to the Web Site. Dunhill Homes® uses this information on an aggregate basis to better understand Dunhill Homes’® prospective customers and homebuyers, and Dunhill Homes® may disclose this information to business and trade partners on an aggregate basis. Dunhill Homes® also uses “cookies” to store your preferences to make your use of the Web Site more productive. Cookies are small files created by Web Sites that reside on your computer’s hard drive and store information about your use of a particular web site.

This Web Site utilizes browser cookies to advertise to our Web Site’s prospects across the Internet. We collect Non-Personally Identifiable Information about your visits to our Web Site and your interaction with our products and services. The anonymous information is collected using a pixel tag, which is industry standard technology used by most major web sites. No Personally Identifiable Information is collected during this process. If you do not want DunhillHomes.com to collect this information, you may opt out of the service at any time. Opting out will not in any way affect your use of our Web Site. To Opt-out, please contact us at info@Dunhillhomes.com. In addition, you may opt out at any time by clicking on the link found in any of our e-mailed communications sent based on your prior request or by contacting our Privacy Administrator as indicated below.

Disclosure and Use of Information:
Dunhill Homes® uses your contact information to respond to your requests for information or service, for general record-keeping purposes and to otherwise contact you about promotions and available products or services or, in unlikely circumstances, to contact you regarding product recalls. More specifically, Dunhill Homes® may use your contact information to mail you any Dunhill Homes’® newsletter, or other promotional material or notification of special offers. Using your contact information, Dunhill Homes® may also send you e-mail messages under the following circumstances, among others:•to respond to an inquiry or request for information;•to thank you for contacting Dunhill Homes®;•to welcome you to Dunhill Homes® and to its products and services;•to explain new product offerings and features of our services;•to notify you of special promotions;•to communicate with you after the purchase of a home about your home and your use of our related services; and•to contact you after the purchase of a home regarding warranty services

Dunhill Homes® does not sell, rent, share or otherwise disclose mailing lists or other personal information obtained through the Web Site to or with any non-affiliated companies. However, your contact information may be available or provided to third-party vendors, service providers and contractors (such as the Web Site developer) that are contractually obligated to protect your information as disclosed in this Privacy Policy or agents as required to perform specific purposes on our behalf. In order to maintain accurate records concerning communications that Dunhill Homes® may have received from or sent to you, Dunhill Homes® may also indefinitely store any information that you provide to Dunhill Homes® through the Web Site.
Requests for Services: You may request information regarding specific Dunhill Homes’® homes, and other related products and services through the Web Site by submitting the requested contact information. You may not, however, purchase a home or any service directly through the Web Site. Any home warranty service request submitted through the Web Site is merely a request for an Dunhill Homes® representative to contact you regarding such services.

Third-party Web Sites:
The Dunhill Homes® Web Site contains references to products of other companies and links to other web sites, including Web Sites that are not maintained or controlled by Dunhill Homes®. The links to those other web sites are placed for your convenience only and do not comprise any warranty or endorsement on the part of Dunhill Homes® as to the companies, products, services, information or programs associated with these Web Sites. Similarly, Dunhill Homes® makes no warranty or endorsement of non-affiliated companies and products that appear on this Web Site. Dunhill Homes® is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other web sites, and you are encouraged to review their privacy policies and terms of use. The fact that a link to a third-party web site exists on the Dunhill Homes® Web Site does not mean that the third-party site operates under the same or similar privacy practices as set forth in the Dunhill Homes Privacy Policy.

Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google. Google utilizes the data collected to track and examine the use of DunhillHomes.com, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services. Google may use the data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network. The Google Analytics features we’ve implemented are Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting.

Google Analytics Demographics and Interests Reporting does not involve the tracking or merging of personally-identifiable information. This type of reporting uses the same mechanism as used by existing Display Advertising campaigns (i.e., via cookies). We will not facilitate the merging of personally-identifiable information with non-personally identifiable information previously collected from Display Advertising features that are based on the DoubleClick cookie unless we have robust notice of such further amendment to our Privacy Policy, and the user’s prior affirmative (i.e., opt-in) consent to, that merger.
Security Precautions: Dunhill Homes® takes precautions to protect data and information under its control from misuse, loss or alteration. Dunhill Homes’® security measures include industry-standard technology and equipment to help protect your information, and Dunhill Homes® maintains security measures to allow only the appropriate personnel and contractors access to your information. Unfortunately, no system can ensure complete security, and Dunhill Homes® disclaims any liability resulting from use of the Web Site.

Notification of Changes:
If Dunhill Homes® changes its Privacy Policy, the changes will be posted on the Web Site. If at any time Dunhill Homes® decides to use or disclose a user’s personally identifiable information in a manner different from that stated at the time it was collected, Dunhill Homes® will notify affected users by e-mail. Dunhill Homes® will otherwise use and disclose a user’s personally identifiable information in accordance with the Privacy Policy that was in effect when such information was collected.

Other than as set forth above, Dunhill Homes® will not otherwise use or disclose any of your personal information except to the extent reasonably necessary to (i) process your information and to correct technical problems and malfunctions in the Web Site or the computer systems supporting the Web Site; (ii) protect the security and integrity of the Web Site; (iii) protect the rights and property of Dunhill Homes® and others; (iv) take precautions against liability; (v) respond to claims that your information violates the rights and interests of third-parties; (vi) respond to judicial or administrative process or otherwise comply with applicable law; and (vii) to assist law enforcement agencies in connection with investigations or matters related to public safety.
Changes to Your Information: DUNHILL HOMES®: You may change or update the information you previously provided to Dunhill Homes® by contacting the Dunhill Homes® Sales & Marketing Department via e-mail at info@Dunhillhomes.com or regular mail at Corporate Office 14643 Dallas Pkwy, Suite 775, Dallas, TX 75254. Stopping E-mails and Promotional Materials: DUNHILL HOMES®: You may elect to “opt out” of the Dunhill Homes® e-mail system and other promotional mailings by contacting the Dunhill Homes® Privacy Officer by e-mail at info@Dunhillhomes.com or by regular mail addressed to Privacy Officer, Dunhill Homes®, 14643 Dallas Pkwy, Suite 775, Dallas, TX 75254.

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