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August 2021

What are the Basics that Standard Home Warranty Covers?

When you purchase appliances for your home, you rely on them for everyday needs. You know they won’t last forever, but you count on them to work effectively for several years to make your life easier and more convenient. When they sputter and come to the end of their life, you aren’t always financially prepared to fix or replace them. In fact, these issues often seem to arise at the worst times. If...

Buying a Home with Bad Credit

Taking the major step in life that is buying a home can feel intimidating. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or you’ve done it before, there are dozens of questions to ask, details to consider, and forms to sign. One of those details, in particular, is extremely important: your credit score. A poor credit score can definitely make getting a loan difficult, but it’s not impossible. Can...

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