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Home Maintenance

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Long summer days filled with school vacation, grilling out, and a generally relaxed approach to life, can make it easy to neglect your home’s maintenance. Make sure your home stays in great shape by following these easy home maintenance tips. Inside the Home • Remember to regularly change the filter in your air conditioner. Depending on the filter you purchase, you can change the filter monthly or up...

7 Fall & Winter Maintenance Task You Won’t Want to Skip

You’ve got your own piece of the American Dream. It’s a place to come home and relax. It’s a roof over your family’s head. It’s an expression of the things that are most important to you. It’s freedom to live life on your own terms. Your home is a huge investment — an investment you’ll want to protect for the long haul. The key to a happy and healthy home is consistent maintenance....

What are the Basics that Standard Home Warranty Covers?

When you purchase appliances for your home, you rely on them for everyday needs. You know they won’t last forever, but you count on them to work effectively for several years to make your life easier and more convenient. When they sputter and come to the end of their life, you aren’t always financially prepared to fix or replace them. In fact, these issues often seem to arise at the worst times. If...

Fending Off Texas Summer Temps

…Make Sure Your AC Is Ready! Please see our troubleshooting guidelines below to ensure maximum efficiency this summer from your air conditioner. Power Up If your air conditioning unit won’t turn on, there is likely an issue with its power source. You'll want to check the outdoor cooling or condensing unit to see if it’s running. If not, make sure the main power switch for the outdoor unit...

Spring Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Have you done your spring cleaning yet? Don’t panic; we haven’t either. And while schools have started to let out for summer, it is still technically spring, so we both have time to channel our inner Marie Kondo and tidy up! To help in getting started, we have put together a short guide and list to hopefully make the process quicker and easier, so you can worry less about cleaning and get back to...

How to Protect Yourself from Summer Pests

For many people, summertime is the most anticipated season of the year. It’s a time for vacations, picnics and other outdoor activities, and nice weather. One drawback to summer is that it brings out more pests. You aren’t likely to see insects during the cold-weather months, but they’re abundant in the summer. These pests can cause problems with your garden, lawn, flowerbeds, and other property...

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