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Spring Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Have you done your spring cleaning yet? Don’t panic; we haven’t either. And while schools have started to let out for summer, it is still technically spring, so we both have time to channel our inner Marie Kondo and tidy up!

To help in getting started, we have put together a short guide and list to hopefully make the process quicker and easier, so you can worry less about cleaning and get back to enjoying friends, family and the beautiful weather.

Start With The Basics

Half the battle is beginning, so kick things off with the basics — dusting, vacuuming, windows and wiping down all the hard surfaces. Instead of doing one room at a time, take it a task at a time, and make sure to plan the order so you aren’t having to redo the work you’ve already done. For instance, start with dusting; if you vacuum then dust, you will have to vacuum again from all the dust that fell on the newly cleaned floors. Having a simple plan of attack can save hours.


Whatever decluttering looks like for you, now is the time. Throw away broken or old Christmas decorations; clean out your shed or garage; donate unused clothes, stuffed animals or trinkets to a local charity; empty the fridge and pantry of expired food. Decluttering is easy to do while cleaning and reorganizing, and if you don’t do it now, odds are you will have the same clutter come next spring.

Give Your Home A Checkup

Much like the fall, it can’t hurt to give your house the once over before the heat of summer takes over or before a major issue arises. Below are some easy and quick checks to make sure the winter hasn’t left your home vulnerable:

  • Check your roof and gutters for leaks, holes or missing shingles.
  • Turn your AC unit on to make sure it functions correctly and maybe have a tune-up.
  • Look at the seal around your windows and doors to make sure there aren’t any gaps that can cause expensive drafts.
  • See if your exterior paint is cracking or if exposed wood has any rot.

Freshen Up Your Décor

Spring cleaning isn’t all about purging and good old fashioned elbow grease; it also gives an opportunity to freshen up your seasonal decor. Change your wall art or swap out the throw pillows on the couch; if your are the DIY type, refinish your patio furniture or make a new wreath. The simplest change can make a huge impact.


Relax and enjoy all your hard work. You may have a list of projects or a long honey-do list to accomplish while the weather is still nice but take a moment and soak in the fruits of your labor. Whether you want to throw a dinner party to show off or want a peaceful afternoon reading, celebrate your home and the little victories.

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